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No promise of service, medical advise, personal advise, computer performance, internet connection performance, health/nutritional, political, theological, elements of any value are promised through the Memory Fitness Testing Center, the iBA, or iBHealth.net.

The Internet Broadcasting Association owns and operates the Memory Fitness Testing Center as a public service and demonstration of how wonderful and great Internet Broadcasting and Internet Broadcasting Enterprise technologies really are.

The iBA and Memory Fitness Testing Center promotes Dr. J. Wesson Ashford and Bowles-Langley Technologies - but any views offered or expressed by these individuals are not the views of the iBA/Memory Fitness Testing Center.

In other words - if you think something has been promised to you from your visits or even if you have signed up and establishing a $10/year personal memory fitness testing account - you're wrong.

The iBA operates the Memory Fitness Testing Center to the best of its ability - "As Is" - to visitors and subscribers.

Thank you, and we wish you the best of memory Fitness!

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Disclaimer of Warranty
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